Recovering from the Pandemic

A steadfast, prayerful, welcoming Christian presence in the Holy Land...and a beautiful, accessible site to give witness to the Resurrection and the Breaking of the Bread!

Covid has frozen our normal flow of gifts from our ministry to pilgrims. This put us in a financial crisis, but we have continued to welcome and reach out in a local way, to maintain our house and site, and to continue our prayer and Christian life. We trust, and we look towards the future.

Christian Presence in the Holy Land

Every remaining Catholic place of prayer, Christian life, and mission is precious and fragile here in the Middle East. Christians in Israel now number about 1.5% of the population. We do not receive aid from any one source.

Catholics as well as all different denominations of Christians visit and pray at our site. All are welcome to help us begin a path of development to sustain our future.

Join us as stewards of this place and this ministry!


Numerous projects are planned for the coming years, and the pandemic has wiped out the funds we had begun to set aside: replacing rusty pipes, rebuilding and fortifying 100-year-old retaining walls around our drive and behind our storage building, a building for laundry and a few guest rooms, a car to replace one that died, repairs walls and floors fractured by an earthquake, air-conditioning for our dining room...

Can we count on you as a monthly or annual partner for Emmaus?