An Icon is a fruit of prayer; it's made for personal, liturgical, community prayer. A good icon is leading us to pray. Heaven comes to meet us.

I'm a member of the Community of the Beatitudes since 1999.

As we have icons in our community chapels, I became familiar with this "strange" pictural art, talking to my soul beyond a direct comprehension.

I started to paint icons here in Holy Land on my own in 2014, and the community asked me to learn iconography professionally, and I completed a diploma course in Bethlehem in 2017. I grind some of  the colours I use from colored stones and earths collected here in Holy Land. Biblical and theological research, work and prayer are, with materials, hand crafted with patience, the elements which will compose your icon. Each icon is unique and made especially for you.

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  • Address : Community of the Beatitudes, Post Office Box 638, Ramle 7210601, Israel
  • Geographic address : Emmaus-Nicopolis, Latrun junction, next to Canada (Ayalon) Park, Israel